George Orwell’s futuristic predictions might not have come true just yet nor can we seem to find a hoverboard like Marty McFly’s in stores today. However, with forces like digitalization, urbanization, and internationalization, we are moving in an innovative direction. The world grows as to the increasing population, and at the same time it gets smaller when everything connects. This results in both challanges to address, but also benefits to embrace, because as the population increases we have to find new, smarter ways to solve issues concerning housing, transports, healthcare, energy solutions or social interaction and much more. Isn’t it exciting to ponder over the more larger scale changes that will occur as the entire world connects over globalization?

East Sweden Hack is a full weekend hackathon with the ambition to create new, innovative soloutions for the modern society and 2017’s theme is “City of the Future”. The competition gathers a variety of companies, academia, society, talents and actors of the innovation system, and this time during the urban living expo known as Vallastaden 2017. Starting September 8th, the weekend kicks off with a half day conference on the topic of “City of the Future”. This is the outmost opportunity to listen to keynote speakers and their reflections on how to build the city of the future by co-creation between academia, business, society – and citizens. This is also an opportunity to hear IoT related startups pitch their solutions for the modern society.

Our keynote speaker Magnus Melander is a Swedish entrepreneur and ICT professional with over 30 years of international experience, and will be the one to open up the Smart City Conference with his thoughts on the cities of the future. We hope to see you there at 14:00 on Friday the 8th of September.

Smart City Conference is an exciting weekend long event you do not want to miss, and a way to gather inspiration to take on future challenges.

Want to find out more about the Smart City Conference, its program, and how to register? Read more about it on East Sweden Hack’s website.