The third Pitch day in Väderstad is coming up on September 14 and this year Saab is looking for the unexpected: solutions that inspire and surprise them. 

– We are looking for the wow factor. The unexpected. Something we didn’t know we needed. If a startup can deliver that, we’ve found the right thing, says Per-Olof Marklund, Head of Technology and Innovation at Saab and part of the IndX steering group.

Last year, Saab selected two Proof of Concepts (PoC) with which they decided to work more closely – AtomBeam and EmbedL. They describe it as a successful year and now they’re in the works of how to implement it business wise and find the right area of use. However, for this year’s IndX process they’re still looking for the right startups to team up with. 

– We hope that we will find something during the upcoming pitch days, says Per-Olof. Don’t hesitate to apply – maybe the timing is just right?

This year, older entries are looked at again and Saab says they are letting many people from their organization look at the older applications. It’s all about timing and just because something didn’t match back then, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t now. A competence team reviews applications which puts a quality standard on the process.

– Saab has many different areas that we’re working with. Therefore the IndX Startup Bank is a good place to go back to and see if any older entries are relevant now. 

What is Saab looking for in IndX2022? Special customers have specific needs

– The focus area we are most interested in is autonomy. We look for the unexpected and what can contribute with operational benefits for our customers. It could for example be handling information in a safe and secure way. Our customers are very special to begin with, so the solutions have to be special as well. 

–  It could also be areas we haven’t had time to work much on ourselves due to resources, but if a startup has worked on it and has a solution – we are happy to develop their ideas if it matches our needs, says Per-Olof.

Ulrika Ohlander, Innovation Coach at Saab comments that the PoC’s from 2021 have generated broad applications and that inherits a strong value for both Saab and startups. It is all about timing, but when it becomes a match – it’s a really good one.

Collaboration with the other partner companies

The collaboration between Saab, Väderstad AB, Siemens Energy and Toyota has generated opportunities to listen and to hear startups pitch for different companies. Ulrika Ohlander says that it also creates the feeling of a big happening where these four great companies sit together and listen to your pitch. You get to meet and come in contact with the right people in a very organized way. 

– Maybe you hear someone pitch for Väderstad and like their idea a lot, then we can decide if we want to work with it as well. It is a win-win situation for both us as a partner-company and the startups, ends Ulrika with.


Did you know that the application for next Pitch Day in December is open? Apply now!