During the 27th and 28th of September Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) arranged the Logiconomi event for key customers in Antwerp, Belgium, to look ahead on the future of logistics and material handling. Former IndX-applicants Renbloc and DAZOQ were invited to pitch.

The aim of Logiconomi is to give the participants perspective and insights on the current and future logistics trends, whether it be on automation, energy, innovation, or sustainability.

“Logiconomi is a platform we have created for our key European customers to re-confirm to them that they are working with the right partner for now and for the future,” says project lead, Marc Maureaux.

A candyshop of start-ups

On the second day of the event and the final stage of the Logiconomi event 2022, the participants were transferred to Logiville. A dedicated logistics innovation center between the city of Antwerp and Brussels. Before going there, fifteen start-up operations presented each a 60-second‘ elevator pitch’ in an impressive lineup of new technology and thinking.

Victor Borén, DAZOQ

Great opportunity to reach out to potential partners

Renbloc applied to IndX in 2020 and made a Proof of Concept together with TMHE. They were one of the invited companies to pitch at Logiconomi along with DAZOQ which pitched in September at Väderstad.

“The reason for being invited to the Logiconomi event is that Renbloc and DAZOQ address highly important areas for us and our customers. In order to reach climate targets, it will be important for everyone to understand their energy consumption, identify high energy consumers, improve energy efficiency and get fact-based data on how renewable their energy sources really are in the race to carbon neutrality,” says Fredrik Wigh, Program Manager Innovation Office at TMHE.

Gustaf Svensson, CEO at Renbloc adds that IndX really encourages the four partner companies to share their results from each proof of concept. Pitching at Logiconomi was a great opportunity to reach out to a big crowd of potential partners. 

“The startup showcase of the Logiconomi event feels like an extension of the IndX spirit where TMHE chooses to take it one step further and present selected startups to their customers and partners. I am very thankful for IndX and TMHE for this great opportunity,” says Gustaf.

Victor Borén, Business Developer at DAZOQ adds his insights and learnings as well.

”Being part of the Logiconomi event was like stepping right into the future of innovation. We are so thankful that we got the opportunity to share our vision on how we can become more energy efficient,” says Victor Borén, Business Developer DAZOQ. “

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