Linköpings Näringslivsgala 2017 is that one night of the year where the spotlight shines on the brilliant minds of Linköping. It is a night of fun where Linköping comes together to celebrate the powerhouses behind the innovative business climate in the region. The entrepreneurs that operate behind closed doors but contribute to society in the many ways possible. On Friday October 6th, Konsert & Kongress will be filled with an exciting atmosphere, entertainment, awards, and a three course dinner.

Once again, the list of nominees cover a range of Mjärdevi companies. Mindroad, Syspartner Consulting, Senion, as well as Senzum that are moving to the Park this year. The Norrköping based company Epishine is another nominee – a tech startup with close ties to Science Park Mjärdevi.



Linköpings Näringslivsdiamant 2017

MINDROAD | Åsa Detterfelt

Åsa is a goal oriented entrepreneur that has contributed to the growth of many companies. She is deeply engaged in assisting other Linköping companies grow which she does by sharing her valuable experience of volunteer entrepreneur networks and collaboration with the university. Åsa is often seen representing Linköping in various international contexts where she strives to put Linköping on the map.

MindRoad is a company focusing on cutting edge competence combined with working with the most competent, engaged and business minded employees. The company operates on Teknikringen 1F in Mjärdevi. Åsa Detterfelt feels honored to be nominated for the prize as Linköpings Näringslivsdiamant. “Through my software Company MindRoad, I hope to continue to contribute spreading the reputation of Mjärdevi Science Park, Linköping Muncipality, and Linköping University”, says Åsa. MindRoad is continiously growing and expanding their collaboration across the country with both academies and companies in need of highly specialized competence within software development.


SENZUM | Jimmy Dylte

Senzum actively strives to assist young talents and those far from the market by providing a kick off into the working life. The company is based in Linköping but has managed to establish a strong customer bases with both national and international clients. By new thinking, continuous development, and an investment in the competence development of their employees, has led to a steady growth as well as a contribution to Linköping as the city where ideas actually come true.

Senzum was established in 1994 and began to operate outside of Sweden’s borders about seven years later. Yesteryear, the company set up an additional office in Malaga, Spain. Throughout the years, Senzum has eased the business operations of various companies due to their competence and experience in the field. Senzum offers a variety of IT-related services within technical support, customer service, clouding, but also education and consulting. As of today, Senzum operates in a facility close to Linköping Centralstation but is facing a move to Diskettgatan in Mjärdevi Science Park in time for next summer.



Årets Tillväxtföretag 2017


SysPartner Consulting is a company with a client offer in IT-förvaltning and development. SysPartner has in an impressive way managed to combine growth and development with profitability during their 10 years of being active. The company has the ambition and competence to simplify IT for their clients. Value and an attractive sustainable working climate is given as a result of Senzum’s motto to provide “kind professionals”. The company is based in Östergötland but operates in the Stockholm region as well.


Årets Visionär 2017

SENION | Christian Lundquist

Senion has created a soloution with the vision to amplify our mobile experience, and make it both more efficient and exciting. Senion has succeeded in implementing this vision at over 250 malls and offices in more than 30 countries. One day there will be an indoor positioning system available for anyone at any time. Google and their Google Maps function better look out for this visionary Linköping company.

Senion is an indoor positioning systems and services company that offers accurate and robust indoor positioning for smartphones. The indoor positioning services include wayfinding, geofencing for location based messaging, real time tracking of friends or colleagues and analytics of user behaviour. Senion is a Mjärdevi associated company with a Linköping office on Hospitalsgränd in the central city.


Årets Samhällsutvecklare 2017

EPISHINE | Mattias Josephson

Epishine is a company with a focus on developing solar cell technology that enable the usage of solar energy. Through renewable energy technology, Epishine contribute to the decrease in the environmental impact which is one the modern age’s biggest challenges. This makes Epishine an obvious candidate for the Årets Samhällsutvecklare award.

Epishine is a Swedish greenup that has spun off from Linköping- and Chalmer University. The startup team consists of both successful entrepreneurs and recognized scientists. Step by step, Epishine enables the most scalable, resource efficient  and affordable solar module in the world. The company operates in Norrköping but works closely with Science Park Mjärdevi.