At MÖLKs higher vocational educations, specialized in software development, you are able to find your potential future employees. Our mission is to offer qualified educations which are customized based on the labor market and its needs.

Vocational educations are known for their strong connection to the labor market since a considerable part of the education is about the students receiving practical tools during their education. During both the first and the second year the students conducts various internships. The upcoming internship period takes place between 10th of May and 18th of June, with the possibility to it being carried out on a distance setting. The second internship period is often used in combination with the student’s thesis work, which organizations have used to their benefit. For example, organizations can get tasks done with the help of the student and at the same time are being able to find their future employee. Our experience is that our students have been well prepared when they join the work life and that they easily adapt to their work tasks.  

The education at MÖLK offers education within agile project management, databases, computer logical thinking and problem-solving, data structures, algorithms, thesis work, GUI – design and implementation, introduction to computer technology and programming, internship, object-oriented programming C#, programming and script development with Python/Javascript, project management and group work.

We would like to hear from you

Our management team consists of representatives from the work life and you as an organization are able to participate and influence the content of the education. If you have any special needs or ideas, you are more than welcome to contact us. We are able to adjust our courses during our planning phase and application processes, if there are organizations with the same needs or ideas.

MÖLK has delivered education in different shapes for almost 30 years, since 2014 we have put a lot of effort in our higher vocational education, mainly within data/IT and technology. We implement all of our educations in collaboration with Östsvenska Yrkeshögskolan.

If you are interested in offering an internship or have other questions, feel free to contact us.