Innovative ideas and solutions are more critical than ever in a constantly changing world. Siemens Energy, a partner of IndX, believes startups that can deliver smart solutions with a long-term perspective within Siemens Energy’s five fields of action are of particular interest. 

This IndX-year is slowly wrapping up and we’ve talked to Mineta Galijasevic, Ph.D. Researcher within Intrapreneurship and Co-chair of the Innovation Board at Siemens Energy in Sweden, about their experience of the process and collaboration between the partner companies. We also get to hear what their expectations are for the upcoming pitch day in December.

“The collaboration between the partner companies is what we believe makes IndX unique. It has resulted in proof of concepts that we’ve been able to start up together at the same time and we have learned a lot from each other. Despite the fact that we have totally different technologies, we have noticed that some challenges are quite similar. Through IndX we have been inspired and learned a lot when it comes to engagement with startups and the development of joint collaboration projects. It’s a great way for benchmarking! Further, we see that the competence teams have done an incredible job reviewing all the Startup Bank applications and new ones,” Mineta says. 

Mineta highlights that it’s all about timing when a startup applies and how the IndX Startup Bank plays an important role in gathering all applications and reviewing them over time. An idea that was applied over a year ago could perhaps be very relevant today.

Siemens and their five fields of action

“We are looking for startups in many areas, especially within our five fields of action. They are: Power-to-X, Energy storage, Decarbonized heat and industrial processes, Condition-based service interventions, and Resilient grids and reliability,” describes Mineta.

Examples of technologies within these five fields are many. For instance, power-to-hydrogen, e-fuels, batteries, and thermal storage. However, Mineta says they’re not closing any doors on unexpected solutions. 

“Of course, we are looking for the element of surprise. Don’t hesitate to apply if you’ve got a great idea! This is a unique opportunity for startups to meet four global companies eager to develop their current organization and way of thinking,” she adds and continues:

“As the global energy sector continues to transform, our customers and we are facing long-term changes. The need to reduce carbon emissions as well as increasing decentralized energy production leads to both challenges and opportunities. Based on our innovative technologies and our ability to turn ideas into reality, we want to help our customers transition to a more sustainable world,” Mineta says. 

The current world situation plays an important role in moving innovation forward

Innovation is essential for the advancement of society, and creative ideas and new ways of thinking are introduced constantly. Mineta believes that the current world situation has contributed to shining a light on the need for energy innovations. 

“Innovation is more important than ever right now. We need to be on our toes when we navigate in a rapidly changing world. By applying to IndX you become a part of the transformation, and it is a first step in reaching out to your customers and identifying their needs. It’s a win-win situation for both parts, at the same time as you’re moving innovation forward,” she says.


The last Pitch Day of IndX2022 is December 9 – apply before November 4 if you want to get the chance to get your application reviewed before the next Pitch Day, or later.

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