Have you seen the marketing material for Science Park Mjärdevi? Free to use for anyone.

Science Park Mjärdevi is a world-class innovation hotspot – with 7 000 brilliant minds and more than 400 companies inspiring Linköping – and the globe – with technology, services, and an explorative mindset. It is the home of leading tech companies, as well as pioneering startups. It is a place where businesses grow and break frontiers in close collaboration with academia and the best talents. It´s really a place to promote as much as we can! 

During the spring, together with several companies in the park and the three large property owners, Corem, Castellum, and Sankt Kors, we have developed a promotional material for the park. It consists of both a Power Point presentation and video material in the form of a film. Everything available, for free, for everyone to use in contexts where they present the Science Park.


Use the slides you need from our presentation

The presentation describes both the history of the park, some of the innovations that have been developed here and outlines what the park is today. Use it when you want to promote this magic place, tell somebody why Science Park Mjärdevi is the most inspiring place to start a company in or find a company to invest in, or just to give a quick wrap up about why your company has chosen to be part of the Science Park. Feel free to use the slides you find useful. The idea is that you should see them like a deck of cards to choose from depending on your needs at the moment.

Slides from the presentation.

Catch the feeling of the park with our film


Download everything at mjardevi.se/about

We hope it will be useful for many of you. Please contact us if you have any ideas or thoughts on how we can continue to develop the material.

Pictures from the shooting of the film. Including locations like Sectra, DoSpace, Creative Spaces (T9) and staff from Prodelox, Skill, and Sectra.

What’s next?

Together with the other Science Parks and areas of innovations in East Sweden, Region Östergötland and the city of Linköping & Norrköping, we are producing a marketing material focusing on Talent Attraction. At the beginning of the autumn, we are releasing new material, including another promotion film. The focus will be why East Sweden is the right place to move to when you are looking for inspiring job opportunities and the possibility to have a fulfilling life combining work and spare time. Stay tuned for that!