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Management strategy for Mass Customization and Digitization – Webinar

  • 21 May, 00:00

Mass Customization Training

Working with automated manufacturing and dynamic tools can be done in numerous different ways, and depending of your experience there could be many different angles from where to start to learn a new set of tools and methods. Therefore we provide several different ways to learn the methods and strategy for working with this in an efficient way. We will help you master the art of mass customization!

Focus areas

Code – How to use code to capture the dynamic rules of a customizable product
Using javascript, expressing logic, structure and development practices

CAD, CAM & Manufacturing – How to describe geometry and use parametric design
Describing geometry, features for CAD, exports to CAM, drawings and manufacturing files

API & Integrations – How to fit a dynamic tool with IT and infrastructure
Using the APIs, integrating towards e-commerce, customer portals, ERP, user management, dynamic pricing, production planning

Management – Digitization strategy and how to transition to a dynamic factory
Finding the suitable product to automate, picking the right manufacturing methods, modifying supply chains, new business models