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Composite Lunch with DEVEX

  • 25 April, 00:00

Polymer composites in applications were production rates & cost are key decision factors

How do we stay ahead of the competition? Polymer composites have traditionally been used for high end/high cost markets like Fomula1, aerospace, sports, military, space etc. The development over the last decade has enabled polymer composite designs to be realized both cost efficient and with improved performance compared to the existing steel/aluminum designs. The new possibilities has the potential to become the a game changer for the industrial applications, how do we make this information available for all?


Erik Olsson, Head of Composites at DEVEX Mekatronik, presents an overview of composites and the current state where composites can be used in the everyday applications.




12.00 Lunch is served

12.15 Time for the seminar

13.00 Head back to work

Location: Creactive, Teknikringen 7, Linköping

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