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IMA + BiSS workshop on business opportunities and procurement

  • 17 February, 00:00
  • Online(Zoom)
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Big Science is a large-scale scientific research cluster with projects funded by national governments or group of governments, and research facilities all over Europe such as CERN, ESS and MAXIV. To shed some light on Big Science’s work and procurement policy, IMA and Big Science Sweden are putting together an exciting workshop on business opportunities for companies working in the field of innovative materials. Adam Wikström and Fredrik Engelmark from Big Science Sweden will represent BiS and discuss in detail how they work with suppliers and procurement, particularly in terms of matching suppliers’ capacity to deliver orders according to Big Science facilities’ requirements.


The goal is to reach out to more companies so that they will become suppliers to the Big Science market while at the same time building a network of contacts and resources on the customer side. The workshop is a shout-out to anyone interested in the opportunity to find out more about Big Science or become a supplier to Big Science facilities, with focus on companies in the field of defense, oil and gas, nuclear power, process industry, space and aerospace industry.