Finland NECC Brokerage Days

  • 10-11 September
  • Helsinki, Finland

At the event, we have leading speakers of spearheading technologies. European industry lags sharply behind the pace of global development. The reasons for this development are sought in structures, the shortage of professionals, or, almost without exception, the most world-shock phenomena that stifle European growth. 

The EU has strived to create a digital single market. At the same time world is divided, and the Chinese business model has a lot of similarities to the American start-up world. Both models are distributing the global markets with their pitching but try to be positioned to lead globally in the industry that the company represents.

By creating innovation that defines its own market space or an even more radical form of innovation that is proposed to stay in business in the future. In either case, in North Europe, we must create a new vision and build creative innovations. That is what we are doing together at the Industry and Brokerage Event in Helsinki, on 10 and 11 September. Join us to share your visions and let’s take a step forward for European success together.

Event hosts: Finnish Traficom representing Finnish National Cybersecurity Competence Center, North European Cybersecurity Cluster (NECC), Business Finland, and Jyväskylä University (JYU).

Event Co-hosts are National NCCs from Estonia, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway Sweden.