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In what area can I get help

Global Impact Jam is a Creaton and a festival for the greater good. Get together with talents from all around the world and create new solutions for a better world. During one weekend we focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how we together can be a part of the answers for the future.

What technical / physical environments are available?

The open arena space Creactive. Creactive is specially designed to stimulate creativity and innovation.
750 sqm for meetings, projects and events. Creactive is open for business, students at university, projects, research, and public actors.

What do I get help with

  • During one weekend 20 talents will work towards the chosen global goals and present sustainable and innovative solutions for the business community.

To whom it is open

The Creaton is organized by Linköping Science Park. Together with companies in the region. It is an open innovation, co-working event that addresses the UN’s 17 global goals to contribute to a more sustainable future where equality and diversity is a matter of course.

What does it cost

150 000 kr

Case that describes how it works

How it works.

Who’s behind it

Linköping Science Park.

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Who should I contact

Send an e-mail to: info@linköpingsciencepark.se