Yesterday we challenged the companies in Science Park Mjärdevi, Växtzon and the region to broaden their minds regarding the recruitment of talents by organizing Opportunity Challenge.

To solve the lack of competence we think it is crucial for companies to take care of the resources that are available. A resource that is not used in the expand we think could are the people who newly moved to Sweden. 

During Opportunity Challenge Charbél Gabro gave us an understanding for different backgrounds, cultures and how it is to come to Sweden as a refugee. What happens If a person from a culture where family means everything meets a person from an individualized culture? With a better understanding about people’s differentials we think it is easier to open up for new influences.

 Indentive, a Växtzon company, ended the day with talking about how they recruit people from around the world to find the competence the company need. Even if they are local right now so will they be an international company in the future. They developed a product for Swedish homes, and though there is a brought diversity in the Swedish homes it is important for them to have this competence in the company as well. Their best advice is that the decision to recruit international have to come from the management and that all the documentation should be in English.

 We ended the day with challenging the companies at, with they’re next recruitment process invite one Wildcard to an interview. A Wildcard is a person with a background, an education or experience that is different from the persons they use to meet. Hopefully this results in that a company finds their new talent!