As a part of Sweden Innovation Days AI Sweden, together with Linköping Science Park and LEAD, arranged a seminar where the participants could dive into a selection of exciting AI cases from East Sweden. During the presentation the participants got to see AI in medicine, agriculture, forestry and even recruiting!

The first presentation was held by Professor Tino Ebbers from Linköping University. Tino shared some of his research done at AIDA (Analytic Imaging Diagnostics Arena). His researche is on how to use AI as a help for diagnostics, mainly as a help to radiologists and other medical professionals. According to his work, tasks that would manually would take 20-30 minutes can be performed in 2-3 minutes using AI.

-AI will not take the job from radiologists. On the contrary it will create more work as it gives us more opportunities.

Digital farming and forestry

From medtech to agriculture and forestry as the following presentations were held by Ellinor Eineren, CEO of Agricam, and Markus Drugge and Jakob Hjalmarsson from Arboair. Agricam works with digitalizing agriculture to increase efficiency and improve animal care. For example they use different sensors to look out for clinical mastisis and bacteria with dairy cows to help give early and prevental care. They have implemented AI in their Bacticam system to save time and reduce the abundant use of antibiotics.

-Instead of having a bacteriologist or veterinarian looking at the petri dishes everyday we’ve exchanged it to an artificial intelligence, trained by thousands and thousands of different samples, says Ellinor.

Arboair, on the other hand, has made it their mission to “put out the silent fire”, meaning that they have joined the fight towards bark beetles in Swedish forests. Their way of doing so is by using autonomous drones that soares over the forests to collect images. The image material is then analysed by their trained algorithm. During the presentation Markus shared the story of when he and the Arboair team made an inspection from the ground and how their service improves the process.

-It took us more than 10 hours to inspect 80 hectars, and even then a lot of trees were missed. We can do it in 30 minutes and no trees are missed.

Hired by an AI?

No, that will not be the case just yet, but the final presenter, Hanna Falk, CEO of Cruitive, shared how AI can help us in the recruitment process. Cruitive are building automations of parts of the recruitment process were humans tend to fall back on their own feelings. It is very hard for us humans to ignore our different interpretations and thoughts while we are evaluationg a candidate.

The AI-solutions that Cruitive works with helps the users become more structured. For example an AI helps the recruiter narrow down the requirement description to a more on point version.

-We aim to find the best possible relation, the optimal relation between humans and technology when it comes to the recruitment process, says Hanna in her presentation.

Cruitive recently did their first matchmaking event together with Linköping Science Park and LEAD were the AI-tool was used.

AI Sweden is a national initiative to accelerate the use of AI. Since September 2020 AI Sweden has an east node run by Niclas Fock, Node Manager, and Karin Ackerholm, Senior Project Manager. Read more about it here!