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In the dynamic landscape of innovation, the collaboration between academia and business has proven to be a key catalyst for success. Proof of this synergy is Acorai, a medtech company specializing in heart failure management. 


Dan Vikström – HR Manager Acorai

Acorai’s journey boasts multiple successes with the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Matchmaking and the Vinnova call in Sweden. Dan Vikström, a key figure at Acorai, sheds light on their fruitful collaboration with Marie Curie Fellows.

Among the success stories, Acorai’s collaboration with Johannes Gladisch, a Marie Curie Fellow holding a Ph.D. from Linköping University, stands out. Gladisch’s expertise in material science and life science proved invaluable during his six-month contract at Acorai. Notably, Acorai’s decision to hire him full-time after the Vinnova call underscores the seamless integration of academic talent into their business environment.

Dan Vikström highlights Johannes’s pivotal role in Acorai’s East Asian expansion, showcasing the successful fusion of academic knowledge with business acumen. The experience in South Korea not only contributed to Acorai’s international presence but also demonstrated the versatility of incorporating academic minds into strategic business initiatives.


Overcoming Challenges in Academia-Business Integration:

While the notion of a gap between academia and business is common, Acorai challenges this perception. The company emphasizes the importance of providing the right guidance and support for academic talents to thrive in a business setting. Acorai is set to work with two more Marie Curie Fellows, further testing the hypothesis that such collaborations can be mutually beneficial.

Dan Vikström stresses the belief that, with proper support, any challenges in incorporating academic talent can be overcome. Acorai aims to make these collaborations advantageous for both the Fellows and the company, fostering a learning environment where specialists contribute to Acorai’s growth.


The Role of Specialized Skills in Business Success:

Acorai’s experience shows that companies can find specialized skills through collaborations with highly specialized international academic talents. Dan Vikström expresses confidence in the impact of specialized knowledge, particularly for startups and SMEs, emphasizing the potential for breakthrough business developments that benefit entire industries and society as a whole.


Enhancing Talent Acquisition Through Events and Matchmakings:

As an HR Manager, Dan Vikström acknowledges the challenges in talent acquisition and highlights the importance of creating events that facilitate connections between talents and companies. Drawing inspiration from initiatives like Switch to Sweden, he advocates for ongoing events that allow companies and talents to understand each other’s needs and skills.


“The way that Switch to Sweden has been working is a good example of events, matchmakings, and platforms that try to bridge the gap between companies and international talent.”


The success of Acorai’s collaboration with Marie Curie Fellows serves as a real experience to the transformative potential of academic-business partnerships, paving the way for future innovations and industry advancements.

Switch to Sweden, a project funded by Vinnova, is dedicated to increasing the qualified matches of international academic talents with companies in Sweden. 

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