MIMSI Materials, a deep tech start-up based in Linköping is growing and has successfully recruited through the national matchmaking initiative led by Switch to Sweden, a project managed by Linköping Science Park.


MIMSI Materials is on a mission to enable the hyper-scaling of solar energy. Through a new class of transparent materials, MIMSI provides a key enabling technology to reduce material usage in photovoltaic manufacturing, unlocking a route to scale photovoltaic manufacturing from GW to TW.

As a company with internationality in its DNA,  MIMSI was delighted about the opportunity to participate in the “Sweden International Talent Matchmaking” activity when looking to hire a new team member.

At MIMSI, we are in need of diverse talents with a genuine interest in sustainable and innovative solutions, coupled with a business-minded approach that aligns with our company’s vision,” explains Tabea Schroth, CMO at MIMSI Materials. 

Participating in the matchmaking activity, Tabea greatly appreciated the access to the diverse talent pool it provided. “Recruiting new talents for a startup can require thinking outside the box since there are often many facets to a role. It is important to consider a range of past experiences and transferable skills when evaluating candidates. In the matchmaking activity, we had access to many candidate profiles with different backgrounds, which was very helpful. It was also quite easy to reach out to them and meet them directly.”

This process led Tabea to connect with Jaskirat Marar, an international professional with extensive experience in business development and data in India, who came to Sweden to further his studies in Machine Learning at Linköping University.

“After completing my studies, I started looking for work opportunities. This is how I came across the matchmaking activity from Switch to Sweden. Tabea shared with me an exciting opportunity to work with MIMSI. I then had multiple discussions with Tabea and Sankara, our CEO, which helped me decide that coming to MIMSI was the right decision for me.” states Jaskirat.



MIMSI’s unique products and innovative approach appealed to Jaskirat, motivating him to join the company. “MIMSI’s product is very unique, and they are on the path of creating something new that hasn’t been done before. From our discussions, I realized that MIMSI was aiming to transform the industry through innovation. I resonated with their vision and really liked how the team was pushing the boundaries to succeed.”

However, the journey for international professionals to navigate work opportunities in Sweden is not without its challenges. Many professionals come to Sweden as master’s students, some even with substantial work experience, but most of them face hurdles, especially non-EU jobseekers.

“My interest in coming to Sweden was driven by my interest in the master’s program of my choice. As a jobseeker, I’ve experienced that Swedish companies find it challenging to understand the quality of education and a contextual understanding of the work experience that the candidate may have from their home country. For instance, it’s tough for a Swedish company to understand the market dynamics and scale of operations that someone may have worked in in another country. But by being open to international talent, the companies can have a larger pool of highly-skilled talent to consider and evaluate. I think there are opportunities to develop systems that can help companies meet talents halfway and bridge the existing gap.,” says Jaskirat.

Coordination and effort are crucial for both talents and companies to understand each other, explore work development possibilities, and navigate the administrative processes required for successful talent acquisition.

“If we don’t want to miss out on great talent, we need to make an extra effort and perhaps seek external help. As soon as you learn to navigate this process, things will move faster in the end,” asserts Tabea, highlighting the value of also looking beyond the EU for recruitment to strengthen the company through diverse perspectives.


Switch to Sweden, a project funded by Vinnova, is dedicated to increasing the qualified matches of international academic talents with companies in Sweden. 

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