I am Csaba, and I go to Engelska Skolan in grade nine and I have done PRAO for a week at Linköping Science Park. Before I started PRAO, I was hoping that I would get to know what an office job looks like and how meetings and some conferences work, and just learn more about Linköping Science Park in general.

On Monday we went to a board meeting discussing how work has gone in the last week in the morning, and in the afternoon we did some programming on Imaji and just in general reading about the Science Park, what they do and how it works. We also had to research some things about two companies which we were going to visit on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, in the morning we were trying to put together an IKEA shelf which we struggled with a bit, but around an hour and a half later, we went to the filming of a video about cybersecurity in the studio which was in a building next door, we watched how they prepared the set, adjusted the cameras, and how it was to shoot a rather short video. In the afternoon we visited two companies Actia and Nira Dynamics where we were shown around the facilities. We went with Lena, who is the CEO. She arranged the meeting and she took us around. She also told us about some things about Science Park, and some other companies that work here.

On Wednesday morning we were at a presentation by AI Sweden where we were joined by some companies that are based on their university master’s thesis. During the presentation we heard from Rise and Arboair, which are companies that try to help solve some issues in the world with Ai, and some people from Linköping University talked to us about some past master’s thesis which were about some interesting topic. Rise is a company working on figuring out how to do some quality checks with Ai, while Arboair maps forests with a drone to figure out what trees are dangerous, need to be cut down or are bad for the environment. After the meeting, we went back to trying to build the same shelf from Tuesday. In the afternoon we helped to move some boxes and flags to a storage room.

On Thursday morning, we were working on this blog, and we listened to an interview with Anna which was talking about how companies are running out of youth. After that we went back to the IKEA shelf, and we still couldn’t put it together. In the afternoon we listened to a video about India and Sweden innovation day, and some more programming on Imagi.

On Friday morning we listened to a Mini MBA meeting, which is a meeting between some Swedish science parks which was about some business tactics and strategies, after that we had lunch with Anna in Ebbepark, and looked at another working place, and when we came back, we finished writing this blogpost.

I have learned how some events at work go, like board meetings, other meetings, presentations, filming, or even to make the offices look nicer, like trying to build a shelf and taking away some boxes. I learned how different people work since some people are very often in meetings or doing work at their desks.

I think that I learned a lot about the things I was hoping to learn since I went to some meetings, did some useful things for the office, and I mostly understand what an office job looks like.

Overall, I feel like I learned about all that I wanted to learn about, and it was a fun, exciting and interesting experience. I think that Linköping Science Park is a very good place for a PRAO, it makes you experience all of the different things done in an office and administrative environment.