IndX visiting Nvidia

When visiting the U.S. and CES in Las Vegas, IndX together with Saab and Toyota Material Handling Europe made a stop in Silicon Valley. Program Manager Robin shares his thoughts on his days in San Fransisco.

Since my early teens, Silicon Valley has captivated my imagination. Immersed in podcasts, movies, books, and articles about this legendary tech hub, I can only conclude one thing: You truly have to see it to understand it.

Recently, I had the privilege to experience Silicon Valley firsthand. Spending two days at the Nordic Innovation House, I engaged with startups, investors, and researchers, collaborating with Indtech and IndX alongside partners Saab and Toyota Material Handling. My journey also included a detour to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, and a stroll through Stanford University’s scenic campus and its “The Dish” conservation research area. The blend of stunning nature and a strong focus on information and development made it clear why this area is a home for groundbreaking ideas.

Key insights from Silicon Valley:

  • Competitive Collaborativeness: There’s a unique spirit of competition in helping others and seeking synergies. Failing to contribute is noticed, impacting your own opportunities.
  • Open Networking: Investment and venture assessments rely heavily on personal networks. During pitches, investors are often mobilizing their contacts, evaluating the potential of opportunities.
  • Narrative Culture: Like a sports community, Silicon Valley thrives on storytelling. Everyone seems to know the latest successes, failures, and movements, creating a tapestry of shared experiences.
  • Collective Consciousness: This community lives by the saying, “You either win or learn.” Failures are not losses but lessons, contributing to the collective wisdom. Everyone learns through storytelling. 
  • Hunger for Innovation: The rapid spread of ideas and trends through these interconnected networks fosters a competitive environment where everyone seeks to nurture the next big innovation.
  • Understanding Your Roots: Silicon Valley’s corporations, once startups themselves, retain an understanding and acceptance of the startup spirit. This recognition helps bridge cultural differences between emerging startups and established corporations, encouraging an environment where innovation is nurtured and valued.

I take with me the cultural mindset from Silicon Valley and am eager to try to implement at least a few of all the good ideas that the week sparked for IndX.