How does it feel to be a part of Linköping Science Park?

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t have much knowledge about Linköping Science Park when I first started working here. However, as I’ve become more familiar with the team’s activities and initiatives, I’ve come to appreciate it as a dynamic and engaging workplace. The Science Park has a lot of projects going on, to the benefit of companies, students, and the region as a whole. It’s fulfilling to have a lot of freedom with responsibility, be able to contribute to the team with my contacts in student life, and knowledge about students and what reciprocates with them.

Tell us a bit about yourself – who are you?

I’m 29 years old and originally from Furusund, a picturesque locality nestled in the Stockholm Archipelago just outside of Norrtälje.

Before starting my academic journey, I decided to take a few gap years, during which I primarily worked in the banking sector. Once I entered university, my initial academic pursuit was Asian Studies, with a specific focus on China and Mandarin. Following that year, I commenced my studies in the international program of Industrial Engineering and Management during which I studied Mandarin alongside my other courses, eventually earning a master’s degree in industrial marketing this past spring. Now, I’m pursuing another master’s in Data Science with a focus on Machine Learning, a field that I find both fascinating and fulfilling, and it allows me to delve back into programming, something I missed during my previous master studies.

During my free time, I like to engage in hands-on activities, be it repairing electronic gadgets, tackling DIY projects, or gradually enhancing my home’s decor. Additionally, I hold a keen interest in history, and lately, I’ve developed a newfound “passion” for running, all thanks to a promise I made to a friend from back home to participate in next year’s Stockholm Marathon.

What are your expectations?

I view this as a valuable chance to gain deeper insights into my own strengths and areas that require improvement, especially in terms of my leadership skills. While I’ve been an active participant in numerous student associations throughout my academic journey, taking on the role of a sole project manager is a new experience for me, as student associations typically operate within larger group dynamics. Additionally, it will be fascinating to gain insight into the inner workings of the municipality, university, and corporate environments.

What are you looking forward to as Project Manager for Brilliant mentors of the future 2023/2024

I look forward to the start-up meeting and getting to know the participants. Throughout the mentorship program, I’m excited to witness the development of the mentees’ and mentors’ relationships and the valuable insights they’ll gain from one another.