Looking for specific skills, internationalization, and diversity? Join us for a webinar on February 12, 2021 at 11:30 to learn how your company can get international students and recent graduates from top American universities! Sweden ICT has partnered with the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce (SACC-USA) to bring talent from the United States to our science parks for internships or training programs up to 18 months.

SACC-USA will help you find a candidate with the education and skill set you are looking for – while at the same time adding a little American diversity to your company culture. Following a good match, SACC-USA will assist both you and the candidate with practical details around the move to Sweden.

Post your internship description on SACC-USA’s webpage Unpaid summer internship shorter than 90 days (no residence permit) Paid position up to 18 months (residence permit required) If a Swedish residence permit is required, SACC-USA will submit the application to the Swedish Migration Agency on behalf of your trainee. It is easier than you think. The U.S. Talent to Sweden program is part of Sweden’s export strategy. There is no cost associated with participating in the program.