AtomBeam is a software company whose product, Compaction, is the only way to significantly increase the bandwidth of any IoT, internet of things, or machine generated data connection with software alone. Their technology not only compacts IoT data by 75%,but also does so in real-time and adds security in the same light computing step. That’s also what caught the IndX partner company Saab’s eye in last year’s IndX process. We’ve talked with CEO Charles Yeomans at AtomBeam who tells us about their experience after being selected as one of the Proofs of Concepts of 2021. 

AtomBeam was one of the companies selected for Proof of Concepts during the IndX process of 2021. Charles describes AtomBeam as having a unique product, using just software to accelerate the connection between machines, taking the place of millions of euros in hardware upgrades.

– One example is when “something”, like a ship at sea talks to “something”, like a server in a data center, over a satellite. We can increase the effective bandwidth for a user by a factor of four, just with software, without changing any hardware – which is far more economical. We also dramatically improve data security, which is a huge added benefit at no added cost or computational burden. 

Saab selected their technology for potential use in fighter aircraft. The reason for choosing AtomBeam’s product was to address Saab’s constraints with the amount of bandwidth available for sending data from the aircraft to the ground; Saab simply needs to send more data over the same network than is available. Just recently, AtomBeam completed a successful PoC with a positive outcome from Saab. The next step in Saab’s process to test AtomBeam is to see it work in an operational field test setting in an aircraft. 

A positive experience creating value

Charles believes that the experience of participating in the IndX process has been very good and well organized. 

– It was a very clear process with a clear set of goals. There was definitely real work involved for us, but it wasn’t excessive, and we felt it was for a good purpose. You did help make us understand what your expectations were from the startups and you also helped us with the technical and graphics requirements, says Charles.

The process also created value by giving startups a serious opportunity to have big companies like Saab looking and validating their ideas and to understand in depth how prospective customers see their technologies. Receiving great feedback is a key part of how IndX creates great value for those who are selected for the pitch. 

– The collaboration with the partner companies has worked well. It is refreshing to work with companies that aren’t necessarily tough and difficult to work with, he laughs. Swedish people are very nice people and I appreciate that.

One thing that Charles comes back to is the helpfulness from everyone involved, both partner companies and IndX as a whole. 

– We had one particular challenge which was that we were between two different versions of our system. We didn’t want Saab to spend time on learning the current version when we were going to release the upcoming version shortly after the PoC process was started. That took a bit of patience from their side. We appreciate that they had the patience to do that!

Why should startups apply for this year?

Participating in the IndX process also results in different learning outcomes. AtomBeam believes that companies learn where and for whom their solution is needed. They’ve learned about key concerns of prospective customers have with their solution, as well as how to better address opportunities to pitch a prospective customer.

– There are not many opportunities like IndX for startups to present their technology to the right people in big companies in an organized setting. IndX really gives you the chance to think about your company, your product and your approach to the market. You learn about who cares and who doesn’t care about what you’re doing and you learn about the things you need to do in order to make someone care about what you’re doing, says Charles.

Charles highlights that you get to meet the right people right away. People in a decision making position who can look at your product and say “Yes, this is something that we want to try and work with. And then it happens.”

– That’s something that can be quite difficult for startups, and something that IndX offers in an unique and organized way. 



About AtomBeam:

AtomBeam is a software company with a 21st century approach to data reduction that increases IoT data bandwidth/speed by a factor of 4x, while adding security, dramatically improving battery life and reducing connectivity and storage costs. AtomBeam has the potential to become the universal language of machine-to-machine communication. The technology is protected by 13 issued and 12 pending patents.


Contact: Charles Yeomans, CEO