The Reversed Mentorship Program 2022 is finally kicking off.  Last Wednesday 13 bold students and 13 business leaders (from both the private and public sector) gathered in the city hall of Linköping for a kickoff where they met each other for the first time. The excitement level was high in anticipation for the program start with presentations both from Linköping Municipality and Linköping Science Park.

Project Managers Evelyn Sepp and Anna Broeders from Linköping Science Park informed about the program and handed out the Reversed Mentorship manual. The manual works as a guideline with helpful information for the participants and helps form the mentorship into a positive experience. During the evening mentees and mentors got to sit down and plan their upcoming meetings. 

“It’s fun to see that many have already planned their first meeting with their mentee,” says Evelyn. 

Evelyn Sepp

Evelyn Sepp informing about the program.

What’s next?

After the kickoff, it is time for the mentees and mentors to plan their upcoming meetings and what they aim to accomplish and discuss. It’s time to exchange ideas and learn from each other!

Read more about the Reversed Mentorship Program here.