During Tuesday’s lunch, a Tech Tuesday lecture was held by Jörg Sturmhoebel, product manager within wheel safety at NIRA Dynamics. He shared valuable insights on the company’s efforts to further develop software for vehicles. 

In the past, vehicles were equipped with a large number of sensors that detected various potential defects. With today’s technology, these hardware sensors are slowly being replaced by software. By making this shift, NIRA has replaced sensors that are equivalent to two eiffel towers of electronic waste. The software also enables more user-friendly cars by, among other things, allowing users to view tire pressure from inside the car. Customers increasingly value cars with technical features and interfaces inside the car rather than high quality cars. 

“Customer orientation is the future” Jörg says. 

The next Tech Tuesday lecture will take place on May 7th together with SICK, check out the event here: https://linkopingsciencepark.se/event/tech-tuesday-2024-2-2-2/