Tech Tuesday is an event that we host in collaboration with Sectra, Nira Dynamics, SICK and Combtech, every third Tuesday. During todays Lunch, Anders Murhed, Business Developer and enthusiastic innovator from SICK, visited to talk about the frontline of Machine Vision. He gave us a deepdive into SICKs 3D cameras, the technology behind them and how they are expanding.

SICK has found their place in the market as producers of some of the fastest and most powerful 3D cameras out there. This has been thanks to their powerful chips. The cameras apply a wide range of technologies in order to detect markings or irregularities as sharply as possible. Through the use of lasers and a scattering method a detailed 3d image of different objects can be produced. These objects are also lit by different types of lights from different angles in order to find even more detailed irregularities such as grease or smaller markings which could be in the way.

Anders also gave us a peek at their newest developments in SICKs 3D cameras. In which 3D is layered on a multitude of 2D images taken with methods described above. This is in order to create even more detailed and even colored 3D images with these powerful cameras.

Next tech Tuesday is held by Combitech, find out more here.