Microtec, formerly Innovative Vision, VoodEye, works with industrial image processing for customers worldwide in the wood and sawmill industry. Their products emanated from research at Linköping University in image processing, visualization, and AI. The company is an example of successful commercialization of advanced research development. Leif Erlandsson has developed the company and was also responsible for the merger with the MiCROTEC group. “I am proud and grateful for what we have achieved together during my time in the company and fully convinced that MiCROTEC will continue to grow and develop under Stefan Nilsson’s leadership. As the current Chief Sales Officer for MiCROTEC Linköping, Stefan has a unique understanding of our customers’ needs, the company, and the information that awaits,” states Leif Erlandsson.

“I look forward to this opportunity to take over as CEO of the company and would especially like to emphasize the excellent collaboration I had with Leif Erlandsson during our long time together.” Stefan Nilsson further explains that MiCROTEC is an exciting company in a good position for further global growth. “After many years at the company, it will be exciting to continue in a new role as CEO. Now it remains to recruit a good sales manager who takes over after me, and that process is already underway,” says Nilsson.

Organizational changes in MiCROTEC Group to further strengthen global market leadership and growth
Andreas Nyander, COO of MiCROTEC Linköping, will, in the future, as Chief Operating Officer at a global level, optimize the Group’s operations with project operations. In addition, the Group has also appointed an international CTO and CSO. These strategic decisions underline the company’s global ambitions and demonstrate the company’s goal of being able to offer even more innovative scanner solutions and industry-leading customer service through group-wide synergies and newly formed international teams.