Visual Sweden

The Cityregion Linköping-Norrköping is one of Europe’s most attractive innovation enviroment for visualization and image analysis.

Visual Innovation!

Visual Sweden is an initiative which is based in Östergötland country, East Sweden. The initiative is going to stimulate innovation and regional growth with the focus on visualization, image anlysis and simulations.

Central actors

The Centrals actors in East Sweden is Region Östergötland, Linköping and Norrköping municipalities, Linköping University, governmental institutions and administrations as SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute), NFC (National Forensic Centre) and FOI (Swedish Defence Research Agency).


2030 is the urban area Linköping-Norrköping one of Europe’s most attractive innovation environments for visualisation, synthesis and analysis of visual information in all forms and applications.

In the creative melting pot which has developed ideas and innovations attract great international attention. An increasing number of global companies establish research and development departments in the region, well aware that this is the place for the strongest competence and the sharpest talents, as well as a flourishing environment for new businesses and unique cooperation models among university, companies, institutes and society.

Smart specialisation

Visual Sweden is a part of the region’s strategy for smart sepcialisation, where visualisation and simulation is one of the prioritised areas. For more information and more testimonies and referrals please see the web site Visualization East Sweden