Tech Summit 2023

Robin and IndX attended Tech Summit 2023 at Stockholm Waterfront two weeks ago. Tech Summit focuses on tech and marketing where the latest trends within the areas are shown.

“Events like these are really worth it and really pay off, Robin says.”

Apart from featuring many interesting speakers and keynotes the delivery at the startup stage exceeded our expectations. Multiple relevant start-ups for IndX were there. Robin also met with prior pitch winner STILRIDE at the event, who looked back at last December’s pitch event at Siemens Energy with great fortune through the opportunities it has brought. It was also great to see the Linköping-based company and LEAD alumni Worldish have a strong presence at the start-up fair and at the founder’s stage, where Naveen Sasidharan delivered a strong pitch.


Kistamässan – Stockholm Tech Show

A few days after Tech Summit it was time for Stockholm Tech Show at Kistamässan. The event featured companies from all ranges and emphasized mobility. Although the fair was relatively large the start-up stage was relatively small. Nonetheless, relevant startups connected and are now in roll to soon enroll and apply to IndX. Events like these are a great success in the sense of connecting with hubs and ecosystems within the startup landscape, establishing connections with ecosystems/hubs from Germany, Poland, Finland and Romania during the event. 

“Since IndX has this truly global and international focus to find innovations from all over the world, connections like these are invaluable. That is why these fairs like Tech summit or the Stockholm Tech show is good and relevant for all of us who work with startups and startups who want to connect with us,” Robin says.