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AI Sweden has now released the first large Nordic language model, GPT-SW3. It is available as an open model for businesses and organizations to use in their products and services. The model provides Sweden with a crucial resource that strengthens our ability to use AI for increased competitiveness and a stronger welfare system. Developed by AI Sweden in collaboration with WASP and RISE, GPT-SW3 is specifically developed for Swedish and Nordic languages.

GPT-SW3 can be used for a variety of tasks such as building solutions for text analysis, classification, text generation, text processing, content moderation, and chat functionalities.

As a result, it addresses some of the challenges faced by both the private sector and the public sector concerning other available large-scale language models. Some of these obstacles include ambiguities surrounding training data, unclear licensing terms, or that models are only accessible as cloud services.

There is a significant need for a model trained on Swedish text with clear licensing terms that can be fine-tuned to meet specific requirements and run on dedicated hardware, both for legal reasons and business competitiveness. GPT-SW3 fulfills all these needs, thus opening the doors to a multitude of new applications within Swedish businesses and the public sector.

GPT-SW3 is the first truly large-scale generative language model for the Swedish language. Based on the same technical principles as the much-discussed GPT-4, GPT-SW3 will help Swedish organizations build language applications never before possible.

The current GPT-SW3 models are trained on Linköpings University’s supercomputer, Berzelius, using the Nemo Megatron framework from NVIDIA.


This is GPT-SW3

GPT-SW3 is a generative pre-trained model. By thoroughly analyzing vast amounts of text, the language model discovers intricate language patterns. These patterns can then be leveraged to intelligently generate text: When you input a shorter or longer text into a GPT model, it will seamlessly generate statistically plausible continuations.

However, it’s important to note that GPT-SW3 is not a ready-to-use product or service. To harness its capabilities, developers must build something using GPT-SW3 as their foundation.

Developers can access different versions of GPT-SW3 on Hugging Face, along with the license and terms of use.

GPT-SW3 is the result of a collaboration between AI Sweden, WASP, and RISE with funding from Vinnova.

Go to AI Sweden @ Hugging Face


Project: Digital assistant for the public sector, based on GPT SW3

AI Sweden has been invited by Vinnova to create a formal application for economic support for a project that aims to develop a digital assistant for the public sector. The assistant will support employees in the public sector with tasks related to writing. 

The project will be completed in two stages and the first stage is set to continue until summer 2024. The second phase will run from summer 2024 to the beginning of 2025.

Municipalities and regions in Sweden will be invited to participate in the project together with other stakeholders and business partners. More information will be provided soon.