NIRA Dynamics are putting even more focus on their two business areas Vehicle Onboard Analytics and Road Perception. Increased demand for tire pressure monitoring systems as well as demand for new products concerning the road surface conditions means NIRA have to hire 16 people already in Q1 2020.

2020 is a key year for NIRA as the legislation for tire pressure monitoring is being rolled out in China, meaning the market can grow substantially. Also, a recent start of a Japanese office can improve the position in an important vehicle market. Other than that, NIRA is continuing the rollout of their Road Surface Information services across Europe, making several road maintenance and ADAS applications available on the major markets Q3 2020.

“Road surface data is key for the development of future autonomous cars. Without it, winter performance will be very limited. NIRA will be a key player when producing future ADAS applications.” says Predrag Pucar, CEO at NIRA Dynamics.

Initially, data will be distributed to road maintenance companies and road authorities to improve The first in-car service that will become available is Road Surface Alerts, which is a warning system for slippery roads, increasing driver safety a great deal.

“We need to hire more people to meet the expectations of our customers, to enable development of better software applications and to secure in-house competence in our broad range of technology areas.”, says Henrik Valeskog, Head of People & Organization.

A new development lead, product owners, full-stack and feature developers and a new scrum master are a few of the new positions. Different focus, but all with one goal, to make mobility safer and more hassle-free, using software only.

As the number of customers have continued to grow, NIRA have been successful recruiting both talents and experienced engineers, but need continue to develop their offer the best possible employment in Linköping. A true work-life balance, with extremely flexible office hours and distance working possibilities. Also, NIRA has a big focus on sustainability and health.

More about the NIRA technology areas, the culture and available positions:

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NIRA Dynamics, established 2001 with main office in Linköping/Sweden, is specialized in sensor fusion and develops cost efficient safety and navigation solutions for the global vehicle industry. Among the customers are leading vehicle manufacturers as Audi, Volkswagen, Honda, Seat, Skoda, Volvo, Fiat and Renault. To learn more about NIRA, visit:

At NIRA Dynamics, we are all about innovation and exploration. Driven by great minds that think alike – and differently – we find smarter solutions and develop what doesn’t exist. Always sharing one clear vision: to make transportation safe and hassle-free, using software only.