Welcoming an intern is an easy way to create interest in technology and hopefully influence a young person to chose to become the next tech-pro in the future. Rasmus Johansson made a week-long internship in Science Park last week. During the week, he met companies and professionals in the innovation system. Here you can read his own reflection from the week.

I am 15 and I study at Berzelius in Linköping. This week i have had the chance to follow around the inspiring people of science park mjärdevi. It may be a small company compared to the rest of the park but it is great to see how much they get to do and how much work they have. This has been in my point of view a really nice work experience. I may not have dealt with all the stress and work everyone else has but it has been a week fully packed of events and best of all, meeting amazing people all the way from students inspired of the work of mjärdevi and of course the future to great businessmen and women.

Rasmus Johansson & Sofie Lindblom

Rasmus Johansson & Sofie Lindblom

They really do support the brilliant minds of the future. After learning so much about the park, I really do think it is underrated. The things students and kids could learn from the work they do everywhere, and every time, I believe even schools and education have overlooked the possibilities in inspiring kids.

Now that I have addressed the importance of science park mjärdevi, the question is whether this week has been great as it sounds. I have mostly been following around Anna Broeders and Lena Miranda, but I have met the rest of the team. They do work all over the place, but they have done a great job at organizing and giving me the possibility to do many things. The first day was a great one. I got to meet nearly everyone in a meeting. Throughout the week I have been going on many meetings, I figured it would be pretty boring writing about them. All and all there have been many great events. Thursday I got to listen to Sofie Lindblom talk about innovation at creactive, it was great, and I learned a lot from it.

Last day I got to meet up more with Sandra Viktor and Amanda Svensson. We had a great Swedish fika with most of the team.

After this week I am very impressed, and I would 100% recommend this to anyone thinking about work experience. working in science park mjärdevi seems to be amazing seeing how good they work together and the good environment.