PU sensor

The company is now continuing its work to reduce the number of pressure ulcers and save money in healthcare.

For five years, PU sensor has developed a research-based and patented sensor product that evaluates the microcirculation in the skin and which can objectively determine who is at risk of getting pressure ulcers – before they have arisen. Thus, preventive measures can be put in place where they are most needed.

– Pressure ulcer is a medical injury that causes great suffering and enormous costs all over the world. For example, pressure ulcer-related care costs several billion annually in Sweden alone, and people of all ages are affected, says Johannes Walfridsson, CEO of PU sensor.

Since 2021, PU sensors have been used in healthcare in Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Hong Kong. Svanberg & Co Invest, Mattias Weinhandl, and Maria Rankka are some of the current owners, and both new and new investors are participating in the latest investment round.

– PU sensor can help healthcare and elderly care implement preventive measures against pressure ulcers with precision instead of, as is currently the case, most guessing. The market is huge, and the company has the right entrepreneurial drive, so I am happy to contribute by investing, says Maria Rankka, co-founder of ABC Labs and Cellcolabs and investors in health tech companies.

– If you have once seen a pressure ulcer, you understand why we fight to prevent them from occurring. Research-based sensor technology allows us to predict increased risk and steer away from it objectively. I am convinced that the PU sensor has a vital role in improving conditions for both patients and employees in healthcare and elderly care. Moreover, the fact that we are now strengthening the company means reaching more people in new countries more quickly and reducing the suffering for more people, says Johanna Palmér, chairman of PU sensor.

Source: lead.se