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Tech Tuesday with SICK

  • 19 September, 12:00-13:00
  • Goto 10, Linköping
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CMOS Image Sensors – Technology Evolution

Are you curious about the advances in image sensor semiconductor technology that has enabled SICK to build one of the world’s fastest laser triangulation sensors?

At SICK IVP we design custom CMOS image sensor (CIS) that we use in our laser triangulation 3D products Ranger and Ruler, targeted for industrial automation. The motivation for a custom CIS is to combine image sensing with processing on the same silicon. This unique combination enables SICK to be world leader in high-speed compact laser triangulation.

The CIS is manufactured in a semiconductor process much like an Intel CPU or an Nvidia GPU. The main difference is that the CIS process must support pixel structures for light sensing. The evolution of the CIS process technology has so far been propelled by Smartphone image sensors, and their relentless drive for smaller pixels (higher resolution).

This TechTalk reviews the main evolution steps of the CIS process technology that has enabled today’s Smartphone imagers. The same technology now also used in e.g. industrial, automotive and security image sensors.

Speaker: Johan Melander, senior expert at SICK with a Lic. Eng. from Department of Electrical Engineering, LiU, with 26 years of experience working with image sensors.