SWEAUTO24 – Automation Technology in Control Rooms

  • 4 June, 09:00-17:00
  • Key 1, Campus Valla, Linköping University
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Discover the Automation Technology in control rooms of tomorrow at SweAuto24!

Join us at Linköping University for the third edition of the national conference on the future of automated control room environments. Throughout the day, we invite researchers and industrial companies to explore emerging trends and ongoing initiatives in control room automation. These challenges can be applied to everything from maritime and flight control environments to process industry . It’s a day to be inspired, uncover future possibilities and make valuable connections.

This event is tailored for:

  • Researchers and professionals in the field of automation and control room technology.
  • Industry research directors and decision-makers.
  • Anyone intrigued by the captivating realm of automation, particularly in the context of mobility.


This event will be held in English. There is no participation fee. The organizers will provide lunchs and refreshments throughout the day. Contact for questions.



  • 9:00

    Welcome by Moderators: Felicia Lai Jakobsson and Maja Meurling, Visual Sweden

  • Introduction to SweAuto24- Magnus Bång and Jonas Lundberg, Linköping University

  • Keynote 1: Situation awareness for remote operation of autonomous ships, Ole Andreas Alsos, Associate Professor, Department of Design, Faculty of Architecture and Design, NTN

  • — 10:30

    Coffee Break

  • 10:30

    Flexible Automation - Magnus Bång and colleagues, Linköping University

  • Enabling Autonomous Flights: Insights from Air Mobility - Catarina Lindholm, Saab AB

  • Transport - Area of Strength at Linköping University

  • Europe's Leading Innovation Hub for Visualization and Image Analysis: Felicia Lai Jakobsson, Visual Sweden

  • 12:00 — 13:15


  • 13:15

    Keynote 2: An Ecological Approach to Aviation Automation Transparency, Clark Borst, Assistant Professor in Aerospace Human–Machine Systems, Delft University of Technology

  • WASP Arena for Public Safety (WARA-PS) - Jesper Tordenlid

  • Navigational Support from Shore: Maria Gripenblad, Swedish Maritime Administration

  • 14:40 — 15:00

    Coffee Break

  • 15:00

    Human Interaction with Autonomous Drone Swarms - Oskar Bjurling, RISE

  • 15:20

    Panel Discussion

  • 16:00 — 17:00

    Conclusion and Wrap-up

Key Note Speakers

Situation awareness for remote operation of autonomous ships

Ole Andreas Alsos

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An Ecological Approach to Aviation Automation Transparency

Clark Borst

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SweAuto24 is part of the Swedish Transport Administration’s cross-modal research initiative on control room automation across aviation, rail, and maritime sectors. The conference is aligned with the research project F-Auto2: Adaptive automation and situational awareness through sensor monitoring and artificial intelligence in operator environments across various modes of transportation. F-Auto2 is a collaborative effort between Linköping University, Uppsala University, VTI, LFV, the Swedish Maritime Administration, and the Swedish Transport Administration.