Note: the date for this event has passed. Please contact the event organizator or if you have any questions.

Science Pop Up Expo

  • 9 December, 00:00
  • Digital
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Are you curious about what research PhD students or researchers do at Linköping University?


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Welcome to Science Pop Up Expo 2020!

At SCIENCE POP UP EXPO PhD students and researchers will exhibit their research through short pitch-films. You will find information about their research, their projects and where they would like to collaborate with companies. Read about the researchers and their projects below. At the event, the 9th of December we facilitate online meetings between company representatives and the PhD students or researcher.
During the event, there will be a short introduction of the researchers and then there’s the possibility to have one on one meetings with them through Zoom.
Take this chance to meet a new employee, find a research project that you could be part of and expand your network!

The researchers participating in the Science Pop Up Expo

Business & Marketing – Alexander Flaig

Description: Being in the industry as consultant for Accenture and now in academia as researcher, I have seen the benefits and shortcomings of both sides. My goal is to combine the benefits of both and remove their drawbacks. Thus, my objective is to develop scientifically validated, actionable research. Right now, I am trying to discover the recipe to create markets.
Goals: Project partnership, Research exchange, A reference group, Consulting.

Flexibility for Smart Urban Energy Systems – Qianyun Wen 


Description: I am a PhD student in the division of Environmental Technology and Management at Linköping University. I focus on using Artificial Intelligence to support decision making in EU project FlexSUS. I am interested in a wide range of AI application in Management and Engineering fields.

Goals: Project partnership, Research exchange

Human-robot Interaction – Hannah Pelikan 

Description: I have a background in cognitive science and interaction technology and have worked and studied at universities in the USA, Netherlands and Germany. I research how humans and robots can coordinate in smooth ways, with the goal to make robots better team players. I have published at top notch international venues and received several awards for my work.

Goals: Project partnership, Research exchange, Consulting

Innovation Management – Viktor Werner

Description: I am curious about the way that urban goods transportation can become more sustainable. For this reason, I study demonstration projects where municipalities and business firms collaborate to test electrified heavy vehicles.

Goals: Research exchange, Interview participants.

Materials Science – Cheng-Han Yu

Description: Cheng-Han (Hank) Yu is a PhD student in the Division of Engineering Materials. Hank’s research aims for a fundamental understanding of material behavior, especially, the high-temperature applications and the fatigue behavior. His research goal is to make robust applications of Metal Additive Manufacturing.

Goals: Project partnership, Research exchange, Job opportunities.

Innovation and Technology Management – Benny Borghei

Description: Startups pop-up with great new ideas, but they lack resources to run all the way alone! Large firms instead have plenty of resources, but often lack the agility and creative ways of solving chronic problems. This is where open innovation enables small and large firms collaborate towards mutual benefits. Interested? Contact me for more details.

Goals: Project partnership, Research exchange, Job opportunities, A reference group, Consulting, Policy advice, Technology Roadmapping.

Science and Engineering – Hamid Gh. Shiraz

Description: have been active in many subjects like energy and material science.

Goals: Project partnership, Research exchange, Job opportunities, Consulting.

Continuous Integration and Delivery – Azeem Ahmad

Description: I am a PhD student working to improve continuous integration and delivery pipeline through optimization of testing activities (i.e., reduce flaky tests, achieve faster feedback) and data visualization.

Goals: Project partnership, Research exchange, Job opportunities