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Science Park Update 2021

  • 26 January, 00:00
  • Streaming via Youtube
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Science Park Update gives you a quick overview of what’s happening in the Linköping innovation eco-system. 2020 was for sure an exceptional year – challenging and transformative in many ways. Linköping seems to have been quite resilient until now. Listen to representatives from the region and municipalities, industry organizations, and of course a number of entrepreneurs and executives.

We will give you an overview of what is going on in an up-tempo program covering companies that have chosen Linköping, new startups, and growing scaleups as well as insights into our ongoing and new digital initiatives and project platforms. We will also highlight activities within talent attraction and community building.

Take the opportunity to tap into Linköping’s innovative business community and meet the fantastic people, startups, scaleups, and international R&D companies inspiring Linköping – and the globe – with technology, services, and an explorative mindset.


12.00-12.15: How is the business community of Linköping and East Sweden doing?

Which are our strong industry segments, what is the potential – and how have our companies coped during the pandemic? What are the future prospects?

Meet the panel with industry experts from a local, regional and cross-regional perspective.

  • Louise Felldin, Director of Economic Development, Linköpings kommun
  • Richard Widén, Region Östergötland
  • Frida Boklund, Regional Manager Östergötland/Jönköping, Företagarna

12.15-12.25: Linköping – an attractive place to take your business

What makes Linköping attractive for new and growing businesses – and for international investments?

Meet three company representatives that choose Linköping for a reason.

  • Amanda Lundqvist, Site Manager, OR Technologies (Fagerhult Group)
  • Svante Erwing, Site Manager, Fortnox
  • Leif Haglund, Managing Director, Vricon Systems

12.25-12.40: Linköping – A vibrating startup scene

Linköping is known for its’ vibrating startup scene. For many years new businesses have risen from the deeptech competence of Linköping University and the surrounding business community. What is cooking right now?

Meet three inspiring entrepreneurs to present three promising startups for the future.

  • Jonas Engstrand,CTO | Co-Founder, FineCell
  • Jörgen Ahlberg, co-founder Glana Sensors
  • Isak Nielsen, founder & CEO, Agriopt

12.40-12.45: Whats hapening at LEAD?

Meet Catharina Sandberg, CEO LEAD Business Incubator, who summarizes what’s going on at LEAD and what characterizes the regional startup scene at the beginning of 2021.

12.45-13.00: Linköping – a great place to grow your company

Meet the CEOs transforming from startup to scaleup growing their companies on a national and international market. What are the future opportunities as well as challenges – and what makes Linköping a great place to run a growing business?

  • Anna Björklou, CEO Epishine
  • Lisa Åbom, CEO NIRA Dynamics

13.00-13.10: Community – new book

Linköping Science Park holds a great platform and works with a wide range of projects and processes. From events with teenagers to initiatives from the government and cooperations with some of the most R&D intense companies in Sweden. They all use the same tool to bring people together and offer a wider purpose to gather around – community.

Meet some of the people that have experienced the community around the science park.

  • Selma Rosenbaum, high-school student
  • Jean Zagonel, earlier student board representative who moved to Sweden from Brasil.

13.10-13.20: Linköping – a great hub for international talent

To stay competitive and secure the right competence to grow your company, more and more recruiters are looking to attract international competence.

Meet two regional experts on fostering and recruiting international talent.

  • Lorna McGeown, HR Manager, Softube
  • Therese Lindkvist, Project Manager, International office at Linköping University

13.20-13.35: Future Workplace – what does it look like?

Corona has changed the ways of working, studying, and living. What does the future workplace look like?

Meet some inspiring people that will tell us more about ongoing initiatives and trends for our future work life.

  • Niclas Söör, CEO DoSpace
  • Henrik Kurelid, Site Manager, Axis
  • Linn Lichtermann, Community Manager, Ebbepark

13.35-13.50: Linköping – a great competence center for digitalization

Often named to be the ICT cradle of Sweden, Linköping carries a great heritage of ICT competence. With our roots in Linköping university – pioneers in image analysis, data science, and built-in systems, we have turned research into innovation and business in many fields. During the last year, Linköping Science Park has worked to establish and grow projects and platforms within IoT, AI, and Cyber Security.

Meet a panel including researchers and entrepreneurs to discuss what defines Linköpings ICT Innovation eco-system.

  • Magnus Berglund, R&D Manager, VTI
  • Niklas Amnebratt, Business Developer på link22 AB
  • Anders Englund, CEO Attentec

13.50-13.55: Collaboration for internationalization

Meet Joakim Delbom, CEO SICK IVP, who summarizes participating in Sweden – Germany Collaboration Days, co-arranged between Ignite and Linköping Science Park in September 2020.

13.55-14.10: IndX – a platform for smart industry corporates to meet startups within emerging technologies

Corporate innovation has been trending over the past few years. So have open innovation. By an initiative from four global industry giants, we have combined the two and formed the platform IndX, to support future competitiveness by stimulating cooperation between corporates and startups in East Sweden.

Meet representatives from the IndX initiative to talk about experiences from last year and the opportunities and plans for the upcoming year.

  • Hans Larsson, Innovation Manager, Toyota Material Handling Europe
  • Jakob Way, CEO, Gleechi
  • Inger Stern, Project Manager, IndX, Linköping Science Park

14.10-14.15: Code Summer Camp

Code Summer Camp have made it possible for more than 800 children and youngsters to learn the fundamentals of coding in a fun and creative way. This year, thanks to Corona, the camp went digital and could expand both in numbers and geography.

Meet Anna Broeders, Talent & Community Manager at Linköping Science Park to share the experience from last summer and present the news for 2021.

14.15-14.30: What about the future?

To summarize we have invited Pia Carlgren, CEO of East Sweden Chamber of Commerce, to join Lena Miranda in a discussion about what defines our regional capabilities and future opportunities.