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Lunch seminar with Elin Elkehag founder of Stilla

  • 20 April, 00:00

For many in the startup world, Elin Elkehag is a well-known name. She has worked as a mentor at SUP46 in Stockholm, including Swedish companies such as Mentimeter and Flic, who she helped to enter the Highway1 incubator. In San Francisco, she has been the strategy manager of the hardware incubator Wearable World.

And it was there in San Francisco, in spring 2015, she got the idea of Stilla – a small motion detector who warns you if someone tries to steal your bag. Elin managed to create a product and start here company within hundred days. Today, Stilla is a well-known startup. Not least marked by the fact that Stilla was launched in the US giant AT & T flagship stores together with the launch of iPhone X.

Elin shares here experience from the absolute center of the startup world in Sweden and the United States in this lunch seminar.


11: 30-12: 00 Drop in and mingle lunch
12: 00-12: 30 Keynote
12: 30-12: 40 Q & A

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