Note: the date for this event has passed. Please contact the event organizator or if you have any questions.

Inauguration: Visual Crime Scene

  • 7 December, 12:00-16:00
  • Visualization Center C
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Future Analysis Tools for Criminal Investigations Using Gaming Technology, Image Analysis, and Visualization Techniques

Forensics has, throughout history, been about securing traces such as footprints, bloodstains, fingerprints, and DNA. Digitalization has created an entirely new playing field for criminal activity, and the new technologies emerging from the internet and AI also provide opportunities for new forms of cybercrime. By bringing together researchers, the public, technology companies, police, and authorities, we can develop better and more proactive methods for detecting and investigating crimes. Technology, for instance, can help us observe changes and anomalies through AI and pattern recognition in vast amounts of digital information, gather, analyze, and investigate incidents, events, and criminal activity from large datasets, or use visualization and digital twins to bring the crime scene back to the lab.

Therefore, on December 7th, we invite you to the inauguration of the interactive exhibition ”Visual Crime Scene,” along with an afternoon filled with discussion and dialogue on the future analysis tools where sensor data, surveillance material, and gaming platforms come together to evaluate, explore, and simulate a crime scene.

Would you like to participate? Please send an expression of interest to:

Fredrik Larsson
Communicators Officer


  • 12:00 — 13:00

    Networking lunch at Norrköping’s Visualization Center C

  • 13:00 — 16:00

    Launch of Future Analysis Tools for Criminal Investigations

    Lisa Lindgren, Moderator and CEO of Visualization Center C
    Felicia Lai Jakobsson, Process Manager, Visual Sweden

    Needs, Background, and Future
    Niclas Fock, Project Manager, Digital Forensics Sweden
    Lena Klasén, Research Director, The Swedish Police Authority
    Tomas Ahlström, General Manager, East Sweden Game

    Visual Crime Scene: Unique collaboration across sectors
    Masae Eberson, Project Manager, NFC The Swedish Police Authority

    Visualization of a Crime Scene, Technology for Creating 3D
    Jimmy Berggren, Forensic Expert, NFC The Swedish Police Authority

    Premiere Demo of Visual Crime Scene and Garnison Murder
    Nils Folker, Developer, Lutra Interactive

    Panel Discussion
    Tomas Ahlström
    Niclas Fock
    Lena Klasén
    Felicia Lai Jakobsson

  • 14:30 — 15:30

    Experience Visual Crime Scene, Try It Out, Inspiration Demo and Swedish fika.

  • 15:30 — 16:00

    Conclusion at Visualization Center C

    Immersive Learning Environments – the Next Step for Crime Scene Lab
    Wisdome and Digital Twins of Cities
    Film Screening as Inspiration and Conclusion