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Designing for Sustainability: Conscious Material Selection and Use

  • 16 February, 00:00
  • Google Meets
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Welcome to our webinar Designing for Sustainability: Conscious Material Selection and Use!

Across all industries, there is an increasing demand for new, more optimised solutions for sustainable product design. Managing the life cycle of products is essential for a circular economy and reduced emissions. With this webinar we wish to spread awareness and discuss how to select, test and use materials in a conscious way. 

We start off by having Rickard Jansson from Svensk Plaståtervinning, who is also a member in Delegationen för Cirkulär Ekonomi‘s work group on circular design strategies. Rickard will give us insights about their work and how businesses can design products that facilitate a shift to a circular economy.

Joining us will be three IMA Network members – Element Materials Technology, Re-board Technology and Wematter – all known for their engagement with sustainability. The trio will showcase their good practices and how they contribute to a more sustainable use of materials, as well as share their future plans and endeavors.

Improving sustainable design methods and tools can require substantial investment and support, that’s why we have invited BioInnovation to share some insights about available funding and collaboration opportunities. Join us for this exciting webinar on February 16th!

Webinar Programme
13:00  Welcome and introduction of participants

Presentation by Rickard Jansson, Svensk Plaståtervinning and Delegationen för Cirkulär Ekonomi: “Cirkulära designstrategier” and “Svensk Plaståtervinnings strategiska program – Plastsprånget – för att göra konsumentplastförpackningar mer hållbara”

Presentation by Maria Kronberg and Ulrika Conte, Element Materials Technology: “Ersättning av farliga material – en kunddialog”

Presentation by Ali Khalili, Re-Board Technology

Presentation by Robert Kniola, Wemater: “How do we make additive manufacturing sustainable until 2030?”

Questions & answers panel

Presentation by BioInnovation: Funding opportunities for sustainable product design

15:00 The end


The event takes place via Google Meets. Google Meets link will be sent out to you two days prior to the webinar. The webinar is conducted in Swedish.

For any questions please contact our Communications Officer Ulyana Kaposhka.