Note: the date for this event has passed. Please contact the event organizator or if you have any questions.

Celebrate Lucia in VR with Linköping Science Park

  • 11 December, 00:00
  • Facebook
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The team of Linköping Science Park invites you all so celebrate Lucia along with us- in Virtual Reality! Join us on the VR-platform AltSpace or watch the celebration live at our Facebookpage. We will perform classic Lucia- songs, but with a Science Park twist.
When: Friday 11th of December, 12.30
This event is performed in collaboration with Around The Corner.

Instructions to use AltSpaceVR

In the VR environment, you can interact with others much like in reality. You are represented by an avatar, but talk and whisper in your usual voice.

You can participate in the VR environment from a PC or Mac computer, ie without VR glasses. To get the real immersive experience and get full functionality, however, you need to wear VR glasses.


AltSpace on the web

Please note that an account can only be created via the downloaded software, not on the web. Once you have an account, you can do some things via the web interface, such as downloading the photos you have taken inside the VR environment etc.

AltSpaceVR for PC:

AltSpaceVR for Mac:


Introductory films (about 10 min)

General info about AltspaceVR:

Create an account:

First steps in the environment:

Menu and Event:

Oculus Quest (What Separates Desktop)

Oculus Go is very similar, except that you only have one and simpler hand control




What’s the point of participating in an event in VR?

The big difference is that you see the audience and can talk to others in the audience and take part in information that can be projected on walls, etc. Each participant is represented by a small cartoon character (an avatar), which you can change the appearance of – if you want to.

Do you have to wear VR glasses to participate in VR?

No, it is possible to participate via PC or Mac only. You can easily move and talk to others, but you do not get the immersive experience and you can not move your arms.

Can you drive from your mobile?

No, a mobile is not powerful enough to handle dynamic presence in VR in this way.

What type of VR glasses are there support for?

AltSpaceVR supports Oculus Go, Oculus Quest and HTC Vive. There is currently no support for more advanced VR glasses or those available for various gaming platforms such as Sony Playstation.

What is AltSpaceVR?

It is a platform for meeting others in different VR environments, which you can also build yourself. You can also design your own avatar so that it mimics yourself. You usually meet in a meeting room or at an event. There are many ongoing open events where you can take part in cultural experiences, music, lectures, language training, etc.

Who is behind AltSpaceVR?

AltSpaceVR was originally developed by a company of the same name, which was founded in 2013 in Redwood City, California. The first version came in 2015 and in 2017 Microsoft bought the company. The development of new functions and opportunities is now intensive.

Good luck!