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Breakfast seminar: Fast-track your business with the RawMaterials Accelerator!

  • 14 November, 00:00

See You on Thursday November 14, 2019, 08.00-10.00

EIT Rawmaterials invites to a breakfast seminar at Mjärdevi Science Park in Linköping

EIT Rawmaterials will talk about how we can fast-track your business with the Rawmaterials Accelerator, financing your start up with up to € 60K per year.

EIT RawMaterials mission is to support innovation that develops raw materials into a major strength of Europe. It aims at promoting new solutions that provide a cost-efficient, secure, sustainable supply and use of raw materials, advanced materials and smart materials throughout the value chain – exploration, mining, processing/extraction, recycling, substitution and design for circular economy. Examples on existing supported innovations include smart drones with sensors for exploration of new resources, communication and IoT networks in mines, Graphene as a substitution material for critical raw metals and minerals (REE), light weight composites for mobility, materials for solar cells, recycling of LiIo batteries and much more.

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