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Academic Meetup

  • 2 October, 11:00-12:00
  • Zoom
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Join Our Academic Meetup – Empowering Staff to Support International Students’ Career Paths

We invite you to participate in the “Academic Meetup,” a specialized network designed for professionals who support international students. This network is focused on equipping staff with the knowledge and tools necessary to assist these students in exploring a career in Sweden. It also provides a platform for sharing feedback, information, and stories. We look forward to your participation and valuable contributions.


Who Should Attend?

This network is for academic advisors, career services staff, and anyone involved in supporting international students’ transition into the workforce. 

Why Attend?

  • Tips and tricks on how to connect International Students with the Swedish Labour Market: Gather information to help international students connect with employment opportunities in Sweden, and navigate the process of staying in Sweden and starting their careers.
  • Access Practical Tools and Resources: Discover and access a variety of tools and resources that can assist you in your role as a supporter of international students. These might include integration guides, cultural training materials, and direct links to employment services and professional networks that can benefit your students.
  • Enhance Your Support Network: Meet and collaborate with other professionals who are also dedicated to supporting international students. This networking opportunity allows you to share best practices, learn from others’ experiences, and potentially form partnerships that enhance the support available to students.


Registration Information:

Register for the network here.


Switch to Sweden: Connecting international students with the Swedish labour market

As part of our commitment at Switch to Sweden, we support academic staff in enhancing their effectiveness in guiding international students. Visit to discover more resources and tools for supporting your work with international students.

We look forward to your participation in the Academic Meetup, where you can expand your skills and network to better support the international student community in their career exploration!