Kalasmottagningen is Linköping University’s contribution to the welcome ceremony of the new students and will take place in SAAB Arena on the 5th of September! 8000 visiting students, an association and business fair, and it all ends with a concert by one of Sweden’s biggest artist and an outdoor area filled with joy and celebration. With these numbers Kalasmottagningen is Sweden’s biggest event for new students.

On this day Linköping’s University, together with the municipalities of Linköping and Norrköping, wants to offer the new students a chance to take part of everything that the region of Östergötland and Linköping’s University has to offer.

The first 3 000 visitors of Kalasmottagningen get a Kalas-goodie bag filled with information from companies, gifts and offers. As a company this is an opportunity to reach 3 000 students with your information.

This happens at Kalasmottagningen:

  • A Career Fair and a Student Association Fair where companies in the region and non-profit student associations from Linköping’s University will be the exhibitors.
  • In and around Saab Arena we will build an area with exhibitors and activities under the day and later there will be a party where one of Sweden’s biggest artists will be preforming live.

Here you can find guidelines with our five options with different offers to your potential exhibits at our event.