Unique meeting place
for people with ideas



Creactive allows you to arrange activities and events that lead to new people meeting and new ideas being born. During the opening hours, you can check in for a cup of coffee, to meet a friend or colleague, sit in an inspiring environment to study or work, participate in exciting events and meet new people.





The premises

Creactive is specially designed to stimulate creativity and innovation.

750 sqm for meetings, projects and events. Creactive is open for business, students at university, projects, research, and public actors. You do not need to book in advance if you come here to study or smaller meetings. There are always study spaces, sofas or creative spaces open for everyone.


350 sqm for everything from major seminars, presentations and lectures with up to 100 seated people to small spontaneous meetings over a cup of coffee. The standard furniture is seating / sofa groups around the table, but the person using the room can of course temporarily refurbish.

  • Free coffee and water
  • Fridge & Freezer
  • Sound system
  • Microwave ovens
  • Digital display for presentations
  • Free Wi-Fi

28 sqm for the creative meeting with up to 10 participants. Here you will find whiteboard, projector, speaker and WiFi. Coffee, water and microwave are found on the ground floor.

This room is currently not available for booking.


16 sqm for the small group. Here are inspirational enhancers in the form of, among other things, lego, books, whiteboard, removable mini whiteboards (for example, take part in the boardroom for presentations) as well as WiFi. Coffee, water and microwave are found on the ground floor.

This room is currently not available for booking.

How and when do I book the room?

Make reservation at Creactive

Between 08 and 16, the rooms and places not booked are open to all.

If you want to book a special venue for special meetings or events, please do so through our local booking system that you will find a link to the right-hand menu. We allow student projects and start-ups to arrange events and meetings with us for free. Other visitors must pay a small amount. You will find the prices down below:


Our prices

Event Arena
750 kr/per hour
2500 kr/ half day
5000 kr/ day

Board room
250 kr/per hour
750 kr/ half day
1500 kr/day

Idea room
250 kr/per hour
500 kr/ half day
1000 kr/ day

On the second floor there are a large number of study spaces. Free for you to use.


Please note that the booking is not valid until you have received a confirmation of your booking.

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