In a move set to invigorate Linköping Science Park’s strategic direction and foster enhanced collaboration within its innovation ecosystem, Christian Sahlén has been appointed as the newest addition to its board. Christian Sahlén, currently serving as the CEO of ACTIA Nordic AB and ACTIA EMS Sweden AB, brings a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years in the advanced electronics industry to his new role.

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in the board of Linköping Science Park.

We are in the midst of an exciting tornado of change, where lead times and collaborations everyone thought were impossible have suddenly become possible. Linköping has an exceptional innovation ecosystem, but it’s not only about creating new technology and new ideas, it’s about making ideas happen. My goal is to make a meaningful contribution here and act as a catalyst to cultivate added value that drives growth for the companies in our municipality.” – Christian Sahlén

Linköping Science Park AB, a subsidiary owned by Linköping Municipality, operates under a board structure comprising representatives from the city’s political leadership, corporate entities associated with the park, and Linköping University. Joining a distinguished cohort of board members, including Mari Hultgren, Christer Mård, Fredrik Lundén, William Jonsson, Nils Ekman, Maria Swartz, Ann-Cristin Adolfsson, Johan Lönn and Lisa Åbom. Christian Sahlén’s appointment underscores a strategic alignment aimed at fostering synergy across diverse sectors.

Christian Sahlén’s professional trajectory underscores a consistent commitment to driving innovation and fostering growth. With a background steeped in engineering, his journey traverses various management roles within leading corporations. Notable among his achievements is the establishment of the ACTIA tech center, an endeavor that grew from a modest team of 12 engineers to nearly 200, indicative of his adeptness in steering organizations towards success.


The board consists of Mari Hultgren, chairperson for the Social Democrats (S), Christer Mård from the Centre Party (LL), Fredrik Lundén and William Jonsson from the Moderate Party (M), Nils Ekman from the Sweden Democrats (SD), Maria Swartz from Linköping University, Ann-Cristin Adolfsson from Saab Aeronautics, Johan Lönn from Ericsson and Lisa Åbom from NIRA Dynamics.