Some of the 2023 Award Winners.

Once a year, we gather to celebrate the remarkable achievements of inspiring award winners from the past year!

Many innovative companies in Linköping receive prestigious awards and nominations every year. Both nationally and internationally. Every year, Linköping Science Park gathers the winning companies and concludes the year by inviting everyone to an Award Winners lunch. This is our way of recognizing all the fantastic achievements made by the companies during the year. The lunch is a fun celebration but also a valuable networking opportunity. Inspiring entrepreneurs, experienced leaders and unusually inventive inventors sit around the same table and share ideas and experiences. This celebration honours new and emerging entrepreneurs, startups and growing companies. We applaud the most innovative solutions, often geared toward fostering change and sustainability. We recognize exceptional leaders, role models, co-creators, and the great workplaces. But it’s more than that! We feel immense gratitude and enrichment to have such passionate individuals in our community, tirelessly striving for a better future every minute and every day!

This year, we also proudly celebrated Linköping’s recognition as the Rising Innovative City of the Year.

Here, you can find out who the 2023 award winners were. Previous years’ summaries can be found below:

By the way. Does your company win anything in 2024? Let us know so we can get the most complete list possible for 2024.