Final application date

21 July, 2022



About the position:

Are you looking for an engineering-driven company where you can make a difference? Do you want to have a safe employer that at the same time values individual development? Do you want to become part of a family-like team housing both junior and senior skills? If the answer to these questions is yes there is no doubt that you should apply for the job at Cendio!

Cendio aims at making Linux available for people and organizations through its Remote Desktop Server called ThinLinc. We have around 50 000 licenses with customers around the world and seemingly, just as many – or more, use our software for free. We work with highly technological customers using Linux environments and focus our development on ensuring high quality and reliability.

You have the chance to join a cohesive group that works together actively to bring ThinLinc even further, and to continue developing as a team. You will get a rock solid introduction with your own mentor in order for you to get the best conditions for feeling at home in your role as a developer here.

We look for you who have:

  • A technical engineering background with a bachelor’s degree or a masters degree with a clear focus in programming.
  • 2-5 years experience working with some type of programming

It is meritorious if you have a clear Linux interest, have a strong interest in open source, and a stable technical foundation to rely on.

At Cendio, we value your willingness to constantly develop and learn new things, you handle problems at a steady pace with quality rather than going fast. It does not matter which programming languages you master, if you have the right attitude and a strong foundation, Cendio will train you to succeed in your role and continue to develop.

We believe you are a person who sees solutions in different situations. You are an independent person who asks your colleagues for help when you encounter problems and is open and humble.

At Cendio you find an employer that works internationally with a strong focus currently on expanding and finding new employees. At Cendio we consider everyone key players and you will become an important person in our journey ahead.

About the company Cendio:

Cendio started in 1992 and was founded by students from Linköping University. Since 2003 we sell our product ThinLinc which is a Linux Remote Desktop Server. At Cendio one finds high-tech customers and the company is permeated by a high technical competence. We work to become partners with our customers focusing on good relations, which results in long term business relationships.

Cendio works actively with our internal workplace culture which includes a strong focus on being an open and transparent team that strives towards developing on both a group and an individual level, as well as on a personal and technical level.

At Cendio you get the opportunity to take an active role and grow together with the company. We create space for you to grow both as a person and within your profession. You are offered competence-nurturing efforts and a development plan that is adapted to you.

If you want to work with high quality technology in a close-knit team you are invited to apply today.

Cendio is located in Mjärdevi, Linköping, Sweden and currently consists of 11 people.

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