Final application date

30 September, 2021




Nadina Gurdic - Global presales operations and product marketing manager, Sales and Marketing

+46 70 384 07 10

Job Description

Are you a social and open-minded person who likes to help people become really efficient at work? Would you like to work for a company at the forefront of shaping new technologies for healthcare?

We are seeking a person to join our presales team in Linköping and be responsible for the management and development of our sales and marketing system, Dynamics.

You will work cross functionally ­– supporting our sales and marketing channels in other countries – and collaborate with the IT department in an effort to better understand all feeds and data flowing in and out of Dynamics, to ensure we have a system that can support our sales and marketing colleagues.

We have also embarked on a journey to improve and streamline a number of processes and ways of working, and are therefore seeking a person who is energized by working with change and eager to lead the way.


Role and responsibilities 

  • Responsible for strategic planning, execution, and continuous refinement of Dynamics from a sales and marketing perspective.
  • Provide internal service and support to sales user, ensure that sales users receive assistance and are able to carry out their daily tasks easily and efficiently
  • Strategic overview for Dynamics, involved and included in activities, planning and discussions related to the development of Dynamics.
  • Close collaboration with the marketing department at HQ to help them to realize their visions for the lead process and lead management
  • Monitor performance and maintain systems according to requirements
  • Provide guidance and assistance to management for the reporting of sales figures and other data of relevance to the entire organization.
  • Manage/lead system improvements in collaboration with internal IT and external partners
  • Undergo training and monitor trends related to Dynamics as a platform.
  • Develop training programs and provide training in how to use the system
  • Lead and manage work related to proposed changes in the areas of responsibility
  • Streamline processes, automate manual workflows, and set up measurement tools that generate actionable insight
  • Develop checklists, de-risk the environment, and set guardrails to help users overcome the fear of making mistakes, enabling them to perform their tasks efficiently.


Previous experience

You have a strong educational background and a proven track record of success, combined with a good sense of humor. If you are a fast learner and the right person for the job, we will train you to meet the requirements of your new position.


At Sectra, we hire people for who they are and for their willingness and ability to learn, rather than for their previous experience. We expect you to have a strong educational background and a proven track record of success, but also a sense of humor when appropriate. If you are a fast learner and the right person for the job, we will train you to meet the requirements of your new position.


For this position, the following requirements apply:

  • A Master of Science or Engineering.
  • Fluent in both English and Swedish.
  • A sense of responsibility with good communication skills.
  • A team player with a strong drive to achieve your goals.
  • A flexible mindset and an ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Tech-savvy, with an understanding of how data-based systems function.
  • Service-minded and helpful – you should be perceived as accessible. People should feel they can ask you questions and you feel a sense of responsibility to respond (“Call me anytime”).
  • Interested in teaching.
  • Ability to say no and ask why – to know when expectations are too high.
  • Good social skills, enjoy teaching and explaining things.
  • Ability to work alone, but also enjoy meeting new people.
  • Ability to help solve problems and support success.


Most of all, we are looking for an open and passionate person who shares our values, is a true team player and will enjoy working with us at Sectra.


In addition, we also consider it an asset if you:

  • Speak more languages
  • Have experience of other cultures
  • Have interests outside of school/work, such as sports, sports leadership, music, horseback riding, singing or flying (if you have a pilot’s license, you can fly to our customers in Sectra’s own plane) or anything else that makes you stand out from the crowd


Apply before


Please make sure to attach your CV, cover letter and transcripts/grades from both university and gymnasium/ upper-secondary school in your application.