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19 November, 2021




Nynke Breimer, Global Product Manager Radiology AI, Product Applications Sectra

+31 82508931

At Sectra we want to use our passion for technology to contribute to a better world. Sectra develops and sells IT systems and products for imaging management within healthcare. We also have core expertise in encryption technology. Sectra was founded in 1978 and has its roots in Linköping University in Sweden. Today, Sectra has offices in 13 countries worldwide.

Job description

Do you want to support our customers in driving innovation and adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve quality and efficiency in their clinical practice?

The Amplifier Marketplace is new in the Sectra portfolio and facilitates easier adoption of AI in clinical practice.
As Operations and Technical Partnership (O&TP) Manager you will be responsible for the daily operations of the Sectra Amplifier Platform including working with 3rd parties to ensure technical compatibility of their applications with the Platform and support Country Organizations in pre-sales and deployment of local components.
The main task for the O&TP manager is to ensure that the Amplifier Platform service is running as expected for our connected customers and that there are short-term and long-term initiatives to secure the well-being and efficiency of the service from an operational perspective.

What’s in it for me

You will be working at the forefront of innovation in healthcare and helping our customers adopt innovation at scale. You will be part of the Amplifier Marketplace team dedicated to make this new part of the portfolio a success. The Amplifier Marketplace team continuously challenges the status quo and drives acceptance for new deployment and service concepts (like DevOps) in a highly regulated industry. Your role will be key in getting all stakeholders enthusiastic and motivated to make this happen.

At Sectra you will:

  • Work with highly skilled co-workers.
  • Contribute to better healthcare for millions of patients worldwide.
  • Be part of learning journey – we have a continuous drive to learn and excel.
  • Get a mentor to enable a smooth onboarding.
  • Have fun!

In this position you will:

  • Plan staffing needs corresponding to customer agreements, for example geographical coverage and 24/7 service (if required)
  • Support the DevOps approach and continuously implement and improve aspects related to DevOps in all phases of the Amplifier Platform service, while working closely with other groups and departments that are part of the service.
  • Align and motivate other stakeholders to improve the service experience for our customers.
  • Drive and improve the technical due diligence process for Amplifier Partners and their AI applications.
  • Plan and execute compatibility tests of AI applications from 3rd party vendors.
  • Ensure proper and accurate monitoring of performance is in place and used in the daily operations business to support priorities and decisions with respect to product management and development.
  • Drive inclusive management and communication around changes, planned maintenance, unintended interruptions of the service, both internally and externally.
  • Decide on, coordinate, and facilitate rollout of new product versions, product patches and hotfixes and manage the deployment of them to the services’ production systems.


At Sectra, we hire people for who they are and for their willingness and ability to learn. We expect you to have a strong educational background and a proven track record of success, but also a sense of humor when appropriate. If you are a fast learner and the right person for the job, we will train you to meet the requirements of your new position.

For this position, the following requirements apply:

  • Experience and strong affinity to drive customer success via DevOps
  • Good communication and motivational skills to align different groups and stakeholders around the DevOps concept both internal and external
  • Experience with Docker/Containerization and cloud technology
  • Good coordination and project management skills
  • Fluency in English
  • You value customer contact and thrive in a fast-paced technological environment

Most of all, we are looking for an open, passionate person who shares our values, is a true team player and will enjoy working with us at Sectra.

In addition, we consider it an asset if you also:

  • Have experience with Microsoft Azure
  • PACS/Radiology/DICOM/HL7 experience
  • Linux and Python skills
  • Speak more languages than those required above
  • Have experience of other cultures
  • Have interests besides school/work, such as sports, sports leader, music, horseback riding, singing or flying as examples

Please make sure to attach your CV, cover letter and transcripts/grades from university in your application. 


Contact Hiring Manager
If you have any questions about this job, don’t hesitate to contact:
Nynke Breimer, Global Product Manager Radiology AI, Product Applications Sectra
E-mail: Phone: +31 82508931 , +46 (0)13 23 52 00 (Reception in Linköping)

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Our goal is for the right candidate to start this position at the start of 2022.