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18 October, 2021




Charlotte Axelsson

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Typically training deep neural networks require large amounts of annotated data and processing power to reach good results. It’s often beneficial to pretrain a neural network using another dataset to reduce the annotation work and computations needed for the application.

SICK, as a sensor provider, is in a unique position to get image data from many different domains. For example, depth or multispectral images. In these domains easily reusable datasets for pretraining are not readily available. Sample datasets from customers are often relatively small and/or difficult to annotate due to the unfamiliar image characteristics.

This thesis proposes to automatically pretrain a deep neural network using a very limited dataset in non-natural image domains. The aim is to generate a neural network that works better for downstream task on this or similar datasets, compared to pretraining on a larger standard dataset.

Possible Ideas:

  • Train on automatically clustered classes. Teacher-student or unsupervised image clustering could be good starting points.
  • Train an auto-encoder network on the data and only keep the encoder part. Leverage relevant augmentation to make the encoder general enough.

To evaluate the success of the method there are at least two applications.
One within image anomaly detection and the other within classification.


  • Computer Vision & Machine Learning knowledge
  • Programming skills


For more information, contact:

Daniel Rydström, Group Manager,


Charlotte Axelsson, HR Manager,

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