Final application date

18 October, 2021




Charlotte Axelsson

+46 739 20 99 50

Our Ruler3000 family of laser triangulation cameras measures in a plane defined by a laser. Normally the camera images objects moving on a conveyor. However, if one can move the camera by hand and capture 3D it is possible to sweep the camera over static objects and acquire 3D models. The camera has a built-in digital accelerometer chip which can be used to capture linear acceleration and by integration also motion.

The goal in this thesis is to find and investigate possible applications for inertia sensors in this type of camera. If the on-board sensor is not good enough an external sensor, including a gyro, can be used, accessed via a serial port.

The master thesis work focuses on the following:

  • Analysis of too high vibrations
  • Calculation of 3D motion of the camera
  • Using the inertia data together with the 3D data from a moving camera to generate 3D models

Example research questions:

  • Is the data from the inertia sensor good enough to recreate high
    quality point cloud data?
  • Is an inertia sensor useful for orientation assistance and vibration

The applicant will benefit from experience in the following fields:

  • Programming in C/C++
  • Mathematics and signal processing


For more information, contact:

Johan Melander, Group Manager,


Charlotte Axelsson, HR Manager,

Welcome with your application 18th of October at the latest!

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